Preventing e-discovery disputes

How I have helped in-house counsel:

  • Litigation response planning
  • Email retention policies
  • Advice on admissibility of electronic evidence
  • Identifying centralized sources of relevant data
  • Interviewing custodians in person, phone or by e-survey
  • Developing a preservation plan
  • Initiating and managing litigation hold process
  • Overseeing and documenting preservation efforts
  • Developing a collection plan
  • Procuring forensic collection services if required
  • Overseeing and documenting collection process (self or third party)
  • Procuring e-discovery data services
  • Instructing service providers with respect to data processing, indexing filtering and analytics

How I have helped litigators:

  • Draft, negotiate and maintain a Discovery Plan
  • Negotiate e-discovery issues with opposing parties
  • Chair “meet and confer” discussions
  • Advice on keyword search and analytics strategies
  • Assist with performing searches, prioritizing results
  • Plan, review and recommend appropriate resources and budget for complex e-discovery matters including arbitrations, class actions, cross-border proceedings, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations
  • Procure review team and oversee review process
  • Draft and negotiate assisted review protocol with opposing parties
  • Draft and negotiate protocol re format of exchange
  • Assist with planning an e-trial
  • Draft and negotiate e-trial protocol
  • Procure technical support for an e-trial

How I have helped law firms:

  • Establish or improve your in-house e-discovery and litigation support capabilities
  • Increase e-discovery revenue while reducing client cost
  • Educate and train lawyers and paralegals