The impact of e-discovery is profound

Digital evidence has changed litigation forever. Not only are there vastly more documents than ever before – but documents in digital form require lawyers to change the way they prepare for trial. It has also had a significant impact on how some organizations – particularly those with recurring lawsuits – organize their information resources. The impact of digital evidence goes far beyond civil litigation too – it is an important factor in criminal law, investigations, arbitrations, public inquiries, access to information requests, and any proceeding where digital evidence is needed.

Very few lawyers have the requisite skills or experience to handle e-discovery, simply because it is not a subject taught in Canadian law schools or Bar Admission Course. I hope that will change soon  and there are positive signs. In the meantime, where e-discovery issues are complex or in dispute, assistance is required. That’s why I have limited my practice to electronic discovery consulting and mediation. 

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